Maggot Barriers Are "Footies" For Your Apples

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. You will laugh when you see these maggot barriers. They look like the "footies" you get you when you try on shoes. But don't be too quick to judge. One of our staff fruit tree enthusiasts grows big, perfect, pest-free apples and swears it's because of the footies.

They are made of 100% nylon and stretch, just like pantyhose. You slip them onto a fruitlet when it is about 1" in diameter and the "footie" will expand as the fruit gets bigger.

These barriers are effective against apple maggot flies and codling moths. They're used to protect apples, pears and Asian pears. They're simple to use and assure perfect, pesticide-free fruit.

We sell bags of maggot barrier "footies" for $9.98. Each bag contains about 90 barriers. We get them in bulk from Seattle Tree Fruit Society. Visit their website for detailed information on thinning apple blossoms and applying the barriers.


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