Going for the Gold

Make room for the golden hues of spring!

There are so many interesting plants featuring yellow foliage or flowers, it's hard to choose a favorite. Here are a few of the many we have at the nursery now.

Above is Spirea 'Magic Carpet.' It forms a 3'x3' mound with golden foliage accented with reds and apricots.

Aucuba japonica, aka 'Gold Dust Plant,' is a medium-sized shrub with leaves sprinkled with golden "freckles." Pair it with purples in the garden for striking color contrast.

Why wait for fall color when you can have it now? This Japanese maple, 'Orange Dream,' has golden, new spring foliage, edged in red.

Many conifers have gold tips or needle colors. This is a Golden Duke Eastern hemlock.

The leaves of 'Great Expectations' hosta are just beginning to emerge.

If your herb garden needs a little pizzaz, add variegated Comfrey.

Euphorbia bracts make a bold statement in the garden. You see them all over Seattle this time of year.

Yellow is best used in the garden as an accent and as a color enhancer. Try combining a bit of yellow in beds with blues and purples. These colors are opposite each other on the color wheel and when you put them together, they create a complementary scheme that maximizes contrast. A dash of yellow will make those blues and purples pop!