A Tree Full of Hankies

Davidia involucrata

With so many plants in flower, it's tough for any single plant to stand out right now. But Handkerchief Trees (Davidia involucrata) always get noticed.

Their showy white "flowers" are actually large bracts that hang from the branches, surrounding the true flowers. When they flutter in the breeze, the bracts look like handkerchiefs. Or doves. Or ghosts. Or laundry! Thus the common names: handkerchief tree, dove tree, ghost tree and laundry tree.

When the flowers fade, they give way to round greenish fruits. Fall color is red to red-orange.

These trees are native to China and belong to the dogwood (Cornus) family. They get 20' - 40' tall and can spread as wide. Plant in well drained soil in a sunny to part-shade location.

Come in and see one of these trees for yourself! We are open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m.


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