Yes, We Have Tomatoes!

Hardened off tomato starts

Lots of people have been calling and emailing asking if we have tomato plants. So we want you to know that the answer is YES, they're here.

For those who think it is a bit early, you're right. It is. But we've made arrangements with our growers to get tomatoes that have been hardened off to 40 degrees at night. This means that unless night time temps get below 40 (very unlikely this time of year), it is safe to plant these in your garden now. Just keep an eye on the weather report - if it looks like we're going to get below 40 degrees, be sure to cover your plants!

Here are the varieties we have at the moment. No heirlooms yet - they're on their way. We will be stocking tomato plants of all kinds for the next two months.

  • Beefsteak

  • Black Prince

  • Brandywine

  • Cherokee Purple

  • Chocolate Cherry

  • Early Girl

  • Gold Nugget

  • Juliet

  • Lemon Boy

  • Mr. Stripey

  • Momataro

  • Patio Tomato

  • Seattle's Best

  • Stupice

  • Sun Gold

  • Supersweet 100

  • Sweet Million

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