It's Washington Native Plant Appreciation Week!

The Washington Native Plant Society is celebrating native plants with a series of activities from April 23 - May 1. Visit their website for details. We hope you'll celebrate with us by stopping by to see some of the natives we have in stock.


We have groundcovers, including Bunchberry (shown above), Beach Strawberry and Kinnikinnick. Are you a fern fan? We have Sword Fern, Deer Fern, Oak Fern, Ostrich and Maidenhair Ferns.

Also, look for Inside Out Flower (shown below), Trillium, Mahonia, Salal, Snowberry and Evergreen Huckleberry.

We hope you'll use the WNPA's information on landscaping with natives, and give some of these lovely plants a home in your garden.

Inside Out Flower

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