Hooked on Heuchera


Looking for a colorful, low-growing, shade-loving perennial? Take a look at Coral Bells (Heuchera sp.). Foliage colors range from lemon yellow and lime green, through apricot shades, to greens with purple venation, to many shades of purple, some with silvery accents.

Plants form mounds of ruffled leaves, with sizes varying depending on the variety. Heights range from 8" to 18", so check tags to be sure you are getting what you want. Flowers bloom in spring, atop long wiry stems rising well above the foliage. Their colors range from white through coral. Once established, Heucheras will do well in dry shade, a welcome addition to many gardens! Be sure to water well the first two seasons, to get them established.

Here are some of the varieties we have in stock right now:

Berry Marmalade

Blackberry Ice

Cherry Cola

Creme Brule

Cutie Blondie

Delta Dawn

Fire Alarm

Frosted Violet

Georgia Peach

Lime Marmalade

Melting Fire


Peach Melba

Pinot Gris

Purple Petticoats


Sugar Berry

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