So Many Ferns - Too Little Shade

Updated: Jan 11

If you are looking for plants to fill a shady garden space, come take a look at our collection of ferns. We have over 20 varieties, offering an array of sizes, colors and textures to choose from. You'll wish for more shade so you can keep adding to your collection!

Here's a list of ferns we have in stock now - even the names sound intriguing:

Alaskan fern

Asian Saber fern

Autumn fern

Champion's Wood fern

Christmas fern

Dragon's Tail fern

East Indian Holly fern

Ghost fern

Goldie's Wood fern

Hard Shield fern

Japanese Painted fern

Jeweled Chain fern

Northern Maidenhair fern

Oak fern

Ostrich fern

Sickle fern

Sword fern

Tasmanian Tree fern

Tassel fern

Tatting fern

Tokyo fern

Tracy's Maidenhair fern

Virginia Chain fern

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