The "Green" Features of Our New Office/Classroom Building

Our nursery expansion project is taking shape. The office/classroom building is just about complete. And the panels and structural materials for the greenhouse will be arriving in August.

We are really proud of the design of this new facility. Our architect, Parie Hines of LD Arch Design, has incorporated many "green" features that will conserve energy, manage stormwater runoff and make use of salvaged and non-toxic materials.

The exterior of the office/classroom building, for example, is comprised of structural insulated panels (SIPs). These panels have a rigid foam, insulated core that provides exceptional thermal efficiency. High efficiency windows and storefront glazing also contribute to energy savings, helping to keep the building cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The standing seam metal roof is durable and has a "cool roof" surface to reduce the urban heat island effect.

The building also has high efficiency heating and lighting systems. Radiant floor heat with zoned heating will be programmed to provide the right heat levels for different uses. The LED lighting system has been designed to be significantly more efficient than energy code requirements. Photosensors and occupancy sensors ensure that lighting operates only when needed.

Other green materials used for this building include salvaged wood used for door and window trim. All paint is low-VOC and all wood finishes are natural non-toxic oil. Natural linoleum (Marmoleum) in the upper office is a recycled-content, highly durable flooring material.

The green features of this project go well beyond the office/classroom building. As the project approaches completion, we'll add posts describing our new greenhouse and stormwater management systems. Watch this space!

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