{POST} Modern compostable food scrap disposal system

Love the idea of composting kitchen food scraps, but hate the mess? {POST} Modern, a West Seattle design firm, has invented just what you need.

The {POST} Modern compostable food scrap disposal system gets rid of the mess, smell and inconvenience of food waste composting. Tucked under the counter in your kitchen, it's out of sight, but within easy reach. When the container is full of scraps, simply toss the whole thing into your yard waste or backyard compost bin.

The boxes and lids are made of 100% recycled corrugated boxes, and break down quickly at Cedar Grove or other compost facilities.

This system eliminates the need for liners, bags or smelly, slimy counter top containers. The food scraps generated by a family of four will fill one of these containers in about 7 - 10 days. The containers can be reused.

We have {POST} Modern starter kits for $9.98 each, which include an under-sink hanger and three compostable caddies with lids. Pick one up and start a new composting tradition at your house in 2017!

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