The Miracle of Seeds

Updated: Jan 11

Our seed buyer, Jenn Dowell, takes her job seriously. She doesn't just buy seeds, she curates them. Each of the seed collections she brings in has passed her criteria for sustainability and the ability to thrive in our maritime climate.

Here are her choices:

Renee's Garden

Beautifully packaged and informative, Renee's seeds are a collection of staple and unusual varieties. Look for their mixes! Tricolor Beans and the Carnival Carrot Mix are two of Jenn's favorites. But she especially loves their flower varieties. Hand-painted illustrations for each variety can be very inspirational. Renee's offers open pollinated and heirloom varieties, as well, for those seed savers out there.

Botanical Interests

Founded in a spare room in northern California, this company was founded by people who saw a need for more informative seed packets. Today, you will find what Curtis Jones, one of the founders, calls a "mini encyclopedia on each packet." Not only has Botanical Interests endowed us with information, we are also graced with watercolor illustrations to showcase their organically and sustainably grown seed collections.

Territorial Seed

Territorial Seed is tried and true. This Oregon company is a home gardener's staple with quality seed and information packets.

Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley is a seed library in New York. Dedicated to the art of the seed, each of their packets are pretty enough to be given as a gift. Each one is is individually designed by artists to highlight the fun and beauty of each variety. Hudson Valley has high quality, organic, open pollinated seeds which can be saved and stored for generations.

Irish Eyes

Irish Eyes is a family owned farm in Ellensburg, WA, specializing in organic potatoes, garlic and onions. Jenn brings in their unusual, or harder to find, heirloom potatoes. Varieties like Purple Viking or the NW Native Ozette potato are two reasons why Irish Eyes has become a staple of West Seattle Nursery's spring offerings.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Baker Creek carries one of the largest selections of seeds from the 19th century, including varieties from around the world. The founders of Baker Creek have scoured the earth to bring you the most interesting and sustainable varieties of seed for your garden and seed library. The company has become a tool to preserve and promote worldwide agricultural and culinary heritage.

Deep Harvest Seeds

Certified organic and just about as local as you're going to get, Deep Harvest seeds are collected from only the most robust, tasty and disease resistant plants. Varieties are 100% open-pollinated, non-GMO, and chosen based on their ability to thrive in the climate and soils of the Pacific Northwest. Grown on Whidbey Island.


Founded in 1917, Kitazawa is a Japanese-American owned company that has made Asian seed varieties av