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Species Rhododendrons Are Here!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between species rhododendrons and hybrids? Species rhododendrons are grown from seed, whereas hybrids are grown from cuttings or tissue cultures. Hybrids are clones - species rhododendrons are what you would find in nature. They are open pollinated, which preserves the diversity of the species and protects it from extinction.

We just received a shipment of species rhododendrons from Chimacum Woods, a specialty grower on the Olympic Peninsula. We have limited quantities of these select varieties. Come in and take a look. Each plant has a tag with detailed information to help you find just the right one for your garden.

R. arboreum

R. argipeplum

R. basilicum

R. dendrocharis

R. fictolacteum

R. fulvoides

R. macrophyllum

R. makinoi

R. occidentale

R. pachytrichum

R. rex

R. strigillosum

R. thomsonii

R. tsariense

R. wasonii