Come Try The Bonide Expert Diagnostic System

We now have a fun-to-use, high tech system for identifying plant pests and diseases. It was created by Bonide, a manufacturer of conventional and natural pest control products, to help people diagnose problems and decide what remedy to use.

A few days ago, a man came into the nursery with a gardenia leaf, wanting to know what was eating his plant. We couldn't see anything. So we put the leaf under the Bonide video microscope...

and the magnified image came up on the video screen. There we could see tiny white bugs crawling all over the underside of the leaf. We could also see fine, white webbing covering parts of the leaf.

The Bonide system has a computer tablet-based diagnostic tool with a database of plant problems. The system processes information from the video microscope and matches it with information in the database.

In this case, the system identified the insects as mites. On a separate screen, it provided information about these insects and suggested three possible remedies.

Do you have a landscape mystery that needs to be solved? Bring a piece of the affected plant material to the Garden Center and we'll help you figure it out!

p.s. Bring your kids. They love watching bugs crawling on the video screen.

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