Let Us Help You Choose and Care for a Living Christmas Tree

Updated: Jan 11

If you're thinking about buying a living tree this year, we have a great selection for you to choose from. Here's a sample from our list:

  • Noble Firs - $44.98 - $69.98

  • Turkish Firs - $69.98

  • Arizona cypress 'Blue Ice' - $119.98

  • Golden Tipped Oriental Spruce - $129.98

  • Bosnian Pine - $79.98

  • Oregon Green Austrian Pine - $82.98

  • Hupp's Perfect Pillar - $139.98

  • Golden Splendor Canadian Hemlock - $79.98

Before you buy, choose a spot in your garden where you want the tree to go. Then do some online research to see which of these trees will fit that spot when they are mature. This will assure that you will be happy with your choice for years to come.

When you bring your tree home, keep it in a cool room (under 70 degrees) and away from heat sources. If the tree gets too warm, it will break dormancy and begin to grow. At that point, it will suffer cold damage when you take it back outside and it may not survive once it is planted in the ground.

For this reason, don't keep the tree indoors longer than a week. Use LED lights, which are cool, instead of incandescent ones that give off heat. Water the tree by placing 15 - 30 ice cubes on top of the root ball each day, depending on the size of the tree. As the ice melts, it "waters" the tree and keeps the roots cool.

When you move your tree back outside, give it a bit of a transition period by putting it into an unheated garage or enclosed porch for a few days. Then move it outside and plant it as soon as weather permits. The root ball will be better off in the ground, where it has protection from a freeze, than in a pot.

There you have it! Come in and see these beautiful trees. And remember, we deliver for free in West Seattle.

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