Wabi Sabi: Embracing Flawed Beauty

Updated: Jan 11

Photo courtesy of Northwest Flower and Garden Festival

Wabi Sabi is the theme we chose for our display garden at the 2018 Northwest Flower and Garden Festival. It is a celebration of the Japanese tradition that acknowledges that nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect. For the Festival this year, we created a natural spa-like setting to honor and nurture that perfect imperfection that dwells in all of us. We hope it inspires visitors to celebrate their own special brand of beauty.

We want to thank Big Tree Supply, Devonshire Landscapes, Marenakos Rock Center, and Sawdust Supply for helping us create this garden.

We won the Founder's Cup (best in show), a show Gold Medal, awards for Best Use of Color and Best Use of Horticulture, plus the Garden Design magazine award. We are thrilled, humbled and a bit overwhelmed! Many thanks to all who contributed!

Here is the plant list for the garden:

Acacia cognata - Cousin Itt Little River Wattle

Azara microphylla - Boxleaf azara or Chinchin

Camellia x ‘Buttermint’ – Buttermint camellia

Cedrus deodora “Kashmir’ – Kashmir deodar cedar

Chamaecyparis obtusua ‘Graciosa’ – Graciosa Hinoki cypress

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Blue Surprise’ – Blue Surprise Port Orford cedar

Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Boulevard’ – Boulevard cypress

Corokia cotoneaster – Wire netting bush

Cotula hispida – Silver cotula

Cryptomeria japonica ‘Black Dragon’

Cupressus arizonica var. glabra ‘Aurea’

Cupressus arizonica var. glabra ‘Raywood’s Weeping’

Euonymous j. ‘Micro variegatus’

Holboellia coriacea ‘Cathedral Gem’ – Sausage vine

Juniperus horizontalis - creeping juniper

Juniperus scopularum ‘Blue Arrow’ – Blue arrow juniper

Larix decidua ‘Prag’ – Prag European larch

Picea abies ‘Wingle’s Weeper’ – Wingle’s weeping Norway spruce​​

Picea pungens ‘Pendula’ – Weeping blue spruce

Pinus x schwerinii ‘Wiethorst’ – Wiethorst Schwerin’s pine

Pinus sylvestris ‘Albyn Prostrata’ – Albyn prostrate Scots pine

Sciadopitys verticillata ‘Green Star’ – Green star Japanese umbrella pine

Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Hazel Smith’ – Hazel Smith giant sequoia

Taxus baccata ‘David’ – David golden fastigated yew

Thuja plicata ‘Whipcord’ – Whipcord western red cedar

Tsuga canadensis ‘Albospica’ – Albospicata Canadian hemlock

Tsuga canadensis ‘Cole’s Prostrate’ – Cole’s prostrate weeping hemlock

Massed plantings:


Scenecio 'Angel Wings'

Black mondo grass