It's Conifer Time!

Updated: Jan 11

We just received a large shipment of beautiful conifers from Iseli Nursery. Many of you know that Iseli is considered one of the finest growers of conifers (and some other specialty plants) in the US. If you are ever fortunate enough to tour their display garden, it is breathtaking in its selection of mature specimens combined with new, young products. You can get a small virtual tour at their website

We brought in a larger than usual fall shipment because they were offering several plants that have been hard to get and, with limited quantities available, we wanted to be sure our customers had a chance to obtain them for their own gardens. Check out the beautiful displays of these plants assembled by our employees:

As you can see, we have plants for sun or shade and any size yard, garden or container.

A few of the more desirable plants we did not expect to see released in any quantity (click on the name for picture and description):

Cryptomeria japonica Dinger

Tsuga canadensis Hebefolia

Thuja occidentalis Primo

Equally exciting is a delivery of plants expected by September 12th. Larry Stanley of Stanley and Sons is among the founders of the American Conifer Society (ACS) and has introduced many dwarf and miniature plants over the years. He is meticulous about grafting and producing plants and we have enjoyed many of his unique and beautiful small plants over the years. A little over a week ago Larry had a special sale that was open only to ACS members. As a member, I received an advance copy of the plants that were for sale and was able to order them before the sale took place. Many of the plants I ordered were only available as single specimen and we are not likely to see them available again from any local sources. A few of the special plants offered are (click on the name for picture and description):

Abies concolor Rockford

Picea abies Typner

Abies lasiocarpa Prickly Pete

Picea abies Biggy

Picea pungens Frieda

Abies veitchii Heine (shown below)