Gardening in the Age of Coronavirus: The Balcony Gardens

Updated: Jan 11

This group of stories is from customers who used their time in quarantine to make the most of small spaces. If you live in an apartment, condo or townhouse, you might find some inspiration here.

Story #1 - The Townhouse Garden

From a busy 1/2 acre yard to a small townhome plot - the transition was painful until I adapted to the concept of small.

A bonsai class at WS Nursery got me going again full blast for the back deck and motivated me to fill my spaces with perennials, ferns and summering house plants. Some interest for the birds makes the space complete.

Michael K.

Story #2 - Bounty on the Balcony

In normal times, I’m hardly ever home, so the little balcony of my apartment was sadly neglect-ed. One unexpected benefit of the pandemic has been having the time to take care of plants again.

This summer, I’ve grown tomatoes, peas, lettuces, kale, rosemary, and a variety of flowers in my small space. It’s amazing what I’ve been able to fit in! Have I produced enough to make a meal? Maybe not, but with the chance to focus on growth and renewal in difficult times, I’d say I’ve been richer for it all the same.

Amy M.