Gardening in the Age of Coronavirus: The Humor

Updated: Jan 11

Laughter is said to be the best medicine. And in 2020, we need all of it we can get. We're grateful to Jennifer for giving us something to smile about.

The Saga of Jennifer C

A day of reckoning is upon us. There will be weeping, and gnashing of clippers, and a farewell to my oregano hedgelet before it goes to seed, and I have an oregano farm.

Believe it or not, this mass of organo originally volunteered, and the bees loved it so much that I kept it for them.

But if I leave it alone after flowering, it will do a corporate takeover. And it WILL take over. It is sending out shoots already.

I nursed a pot of Trader Joe’s basil all last winter, and also popped about 5 sprigs in my Grandmother Wood’s little blue shoe vase.

The sprigs root, did you know that? And in June when it started to get hot, I placed the sprigs and roots in a big pot of dirt that was liberally laced with chicken manure from West Seattle Nursery and watered the basil often.

The reward came in the hot days of late July. I am already rooting sprigs for winter… gotta keep it going, like sourdough starter.

Happy Hour with Horticulture

Either I am asking for help or another beer.

The raised beds in my median erupted with glory. I decided to relax and just let the garden do its thing.

And then a senseless decapitation. Someone snicked off the head of one of my volunteer sunflowers with a sharp instrument. Why?

According to the poet Auden…”And it is curious how often in steep places, You meet someone short who frowns, A type you catch beheading daisies with a stick”…..

from ”Mountains


In the spring, I kept going by the West Seattle Nursery to see if their potatoes were in yet.

They weren't, and while I was wringing my hands about "the issue," the lady at the checkout stand said..."Well, just get some organic potatoes from the supermarket and use those...and she told me how to cut out the eyes, cure them, and plant them. Duh!