Gardening in the Age of Coronavirus: The Make-Overs

Updated: Jan 11

Story #1 Gardening Therapy

Our first big outing was to the West Seattle Nursery and our appointments, usually spaced two weeks apart, kept us on track with our gardening projects and also gave us something positive to look forward to. Thank you for that! We spent time after work (I’m working remotely now and my husband works at a supermarket), weeding, planting, listening to music and loving our time outside. Because the world felt so challenged in so many ways, we decided to make our garden bright, happy and beautiful; we wanted to create a space where we could relax and feel safe.

We had been talking about reimagining and sprucing up our yard for the past couple of years. Since we had more time on our hands this year, we were able to take on these projects.

We planted azaleas (fuchsia and purple) in the spring, impatiens for big bursts of color, lilies, dahlias and more. We even planted sunflowers (from seed) so that we could hold on to summer vibes as we crawl towards fall. They are so close to blooming!

The flowers brought us so much joy that we

wanted to share them with other people. Since it’s hard to do that during a pandemic, we planted 50 sunflower seeds and gave them away to neighbors. It’s been fun walking the dogs and seeing them grow in people’s yards! Next year I plan to give away roses since I leaned how to propagate them this year. We also painted our black, metal patio furniture a bright, glossy orange so that it matched our numerous pots that are filled with coleus, begonias, lantana, geraniums and other pretty flowers. All purchased at WSN!

Now we’re in the process of laying down huge slabs of bluestone pavers under our pergola. We’ve talked about that for years! This is a long-winded way of saying thank you. Thank you for giving us projects, giving us an escape and giving us a way to cheer up our neighbors during a truly bizarre and surreal time. - Megan J.

Story #2 - COVID-19 Raised Beds

As the pantry staples and fresh produce became scarce at the end of March and my stress with working from home increased, I used my spare time and energy to remove sod, amend the soil, build raised beds, and plant seeds in the front of my property.

Previously, I rented a plot at the Delridge P-Patch. Last fall I had decided to do my gardening on my own property and was planning to take out my front yard grass and replace it with raised beds. Covid-19 provided the motivation and time to get this transition done in early April 2020.

My efforts were supported by my neighbors and other West Seattites who shared seeds, perennials, and building supplies. Thanks to Cedar Grove for delivering garden soil and compost bags. This gardening endeavor has not only reduced my stress but provided fresh fruit and veggies to my family and friends. Thank you West Seattle Nursery for the opportunity to share.

-Kristen T.

April, 2020

June, 2020