Gardening in the Age of Coronavirus: The "Singular" Projects

Updated: Jan 11

This post is our final installment in the series. This time, we are featuring gardeners who focused on a single thing, and did it so cleverly.

We are grateful to all the gardeners who contributed their stories about gardening during quarantine. We hope our readers have enjoyed them as much as we have.

Story #1 Roof Top Gardening

There is great joy in looking out the kitchen window and seeing your garden in bloom. There is an even greater joy in looking out your kitchen window and seeing your shed roof in bloom!

We were in need of a new shed and I was so inspired by all the sod roofs we saw in Norway last summer I wanted a green roof for myself. Plus, all of the metal roofing we liked was out of stock for months.

It's not perfect yet, we had torrential downpours the day after we seeded, so there are a lot more flowers in the front than in the back, but I'm sure it will sort itself out in the next year or two.

- Alison G.

Story #2 - The Hydrangea Walk

Here is a picture of my new Hydrangea Walk. I planted bare root plants in the early Spring.

Cultivars are Limelight, Phantom, and Quickfire. All paniculata.

- Cindy S.

Story #3 - The Raspberry Project

We’ve been thinking about putting in some raspberries for a while but finally got around to it this spring. We debated where to plant them where it would be relatively easy to control their spread and then decided to plant them in stock watering tanks.

To keep the height down a bit we sunk them into an unused and awkward area of our back lawn. To replace the grass around the tanks so as not to have to worry about mowing we considered bark and small stones.

Then I remembered that we had stacks of pavers that our son had surplused when he changed his yard about ten years ago. I measured the area and counted the various types of pavers and laid it all out on graph paper. After prepping the ground and laying the pavers I swept sand into the gaps.

The photos are from our backyard and also looking down off our deck, just after I planted the raspberry starts. This was well before they needed staking. We actually got a few nice berries this summer and look forward to a good harvest next year.

- Kathy A.

Story #4 - The Mini-Corn Field

I have enjoyed novice gardening over the years and I continue to learn and cultivate a small vegetable garden as well as flowers. I still have a lot to learn about gardening and continue to try new things to improve my bit of earth.

This year I was furloughed from my job because of COVID-19, at the beginning of the pandemic. Being at home gave me more time to contemplate trying some new things in the garden - like a mini corn field! I bought a tri-color corn seed packet from WS Nursery and the rest is history!

It’s amazing how much joy I have gotten from watching this corn field come to fruition. It’s not quite ready to harvest but the ears of corn seem to get bigger by the day. During a time of so much uncertainty it has been calming and exciting to see the progression from a handful of tiny seeds to the bountiful mini field of corn I now have in one of my raised beds.

Thank you West Seattle Nursery for being a part of my gardening journey.

Forever Growing, - Marie S.