Garden Center

Our Garden Center features garden tools, supplies, clay pots and outdoor furnishings. It is also where we hold many of our classes. 
We carry products that are environmentally friendly to help you create a sustainable landscape. These include Dr. Earth organic fertilizers, Safer pest control products, Alaska fish fertilizer, and Fox-Farm organics. 
We also sell potting soil and amendments from companies known for their commitment to good environmental practices, such as, Cedar Grove Compost, Gardner & Bloome, and Malibu Compost
If you want to start plants from seed, we have starter supplies. Look for seeds from longtime favorties - such as Territorial Seed, Renee's, and Ed Hume - and specialty companies like Botanical Interests, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Kitazawa and Deep Harvest. 
We have a great selection of bird enthusiast supplies, too, including houses for your feathered friends and high quality birdseed and feeders. Want to know more about the birds that come to visit you? We have books to help you identify them.
5275 California Ave SW 
Seattle, WA   98136
9am - 7pm
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