Consulting Services

You can learn a lot from reading, or watching DIY television shows, but there's nothing that compares with getting some one-on-one advice from a gardening pro. That's why we offer consulting services tailored to different gardener's needs. 
Container Gardening
Our Container Garden Designer, Mary Holdsworth, will consult with you to create a container garden appropriate for your site, in the style of your choice. The fee for this service is $50/hour. Please call us at 206-935-9276 to make an appointment. 
Plant ID and Pest Management
(West Seattle and White Center only)
Lynda Leary, WSN Nurserywoman and Horticulturalist, with 25+ years of experience will visit your garden and answer your gardening questions. She will diagnose pest and disease issues and make recommendations for treatment. She is a proponent of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an environmentally safer method than traditional chemical pest control.  
If a plant is beyond hope and needs to be removed, she will suggest hardy, disease-resistant substitutions. Lynda advocates a "right plant, right place" approach to landscaping, taking into consideration the amount of sun, shade, air circulation and microclimate in your garden before making recommendations. 
Lynda's consultations are $45/hour. Please call us at 206-935-9276 to schedule an appointment. 
NOTE: Lynda does NOT do design consults. Please call the nursery to ask for referrals to landscape designers. 
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